CNC Milling

CNC milling, contour cutting is a technology we mostly use to make various parts and shapes for our output. Our fleet includes a CNC milling machine that allows us to process parts of size up to 2800*1800mm in one setting. By resetting we can mill even longer parts. Along with our own manufacturing process we offer CNC milling as a service to other companies and individuals. We offer staircase manufacturers staircase parts and the drawings required to manufacture a staircase. Our CNC milling services are mostly used by designers, architects, layout designers, decorators, designers, and furniture manufacturers. If you are interested in our services, feel free to mail your drawings and requests to the email address specified in the contact section.

Wood engraving:

Thanks to our equipment we can engrave or cut inscriptions in wood in high quality. We will engrave the name of your house, guest house, company or place in wood using a font of your choice within a short deadline and in high quality. You can also use this service remotely and receive your order by mail or courier. In addition to engraving we also offer item after-treatment and manufacturing of metal or wooden stands.


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